“With my first collection of poems— Shots From A Passing Car, I felt it would be tough to find a publisher to ‘make’ my kind of book. So I did what my grandmother would do. I made it from scratch… and with loving care. I got the book, I not only wanted, but needed. And in so doing… a company was born.”

                                                        — Ron Vazzano, Founder and Editor of Domenica Press


"Ron Vazzano’s collection not only introduces a new, strong voice to poetry but also gives us the wit, charm, surprise and intelligence of the impassioned, fiercely vulnerable contemporary Italian-American man. This is a terrific book-- it will make you laugh, think deeply and reconsider the universe. In other words, it does exactly what poetry is to do."

     -- Gina Barreca, Editor of


In this his inaugural collection of poetry, Ron Vazzano— one-time ad man, actor, aspiring artist — explores the many roles in life that we all to some degree inhabit: spouse/parent, lover/friend, worker/player, seeker of God…and sometimes the devil. That he does so in a language understood by “…other people… not just other poets” — and in an esthetically pleasing environment — serves to make this body of work, a unique read. And always one, with an eye on the lookout for the defining moment: a squirrel crossing the road… carving a pumpkin… the bombing of the World Trade Center.




"...any turn in the wheel of sensation has the power to crystallize and
transfix the moment upon which its gloom or radiance rests..."

Virginia Woolf, To The Lighthouse

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