Shots From A Passing Car: Poetry for other people… not just other poets by Ron Vazzano

Softcover; French Flaps; Perfect Bound
150 pages; 36 Illustrations/Photos
Sixe: 6” x 9”
Copyright © 2005; $15.95; $22.95 in Canada


In this his inaugural collection of poetry, Ron Vazzano— one-time ad man, actor, aspiring artist— explores the many roles in life that we all to some degree inhabit: spouse/parent, lover/friend, worker/player, seeker of God…and sometimes the devil. That he does so in a language understood by “…other people; not just other poets”— and in an esthetically pleasing environment— serves to make this body of work, a unique read. And always one with an eye on the lookout for the defining moment: a squirrel crossing the road…carving a pumpkin…the bombing of the World Trade Center.

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